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How to: Sell in Spring

Real Estate Guru Richard Baini from Richard Matthews Real Estate shares his Top 5 Tips to make the most of selling your property in Spring.

1. First Impressions Count

Whether it’s fresh paint on your front door or some lush green pots either side of it, first impressions are undoubtedly important. 47% of Australians will have already decided if they like a property or not upon opening the front door.

This means your street front appearance must be polished and manicured to perfection. Drag out the high-pressure hose on the driveway to remove oil stains, and trim bushes or hedges in your front garden.

If your property is in need of more TLC than you can DIY reach out to Sattouts who have a broad range of clients in all trades and specialties.

2. Spring Clean

If you opt against having your home professionally styled, you will need to clear the clutter. Take the time to methodically sort through each room, reminisce and toss!

Alternatively, opting for temporary storage is an excellent solution. Whether it be larger items of furniture or the kick start on packing you need, emphasizing the size of each room is essential.

3. Let the Light in

Allow your home to be saturated with natural light. Open all the curtains and blinds and consider removing or pushing them to the side where possible. This will highlight the size of your windows and welcome more light inside. Cleaning the windows is also key here.

Clean, bright windows are also great for showcasing outdoor spaces and natural property features such as trees and gardens.

4. Brighten up the Garden

Create a homely, bright yet low maintenance garden. A quick visit to the local garden store will see you discover an array of bright and cheap annuals.

Plant these along the garden path and front of the home for maximum impact. This is help create an ideal lifestyle in your potential buyers mind.

5. Reach out to one of our agents

Spring bring a lot of homes to market, creating fierce competition. Having an industry leading real estate agent will help you stand out from the crowd, as we can help determine an appropriate value for your home, a method of selling, as well as offer insights on the local market. On top of this, they can establish your target audience and the best ways to reach them. Reach out today!


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