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Let's talk Pre-Approval

It’s easy to get carried away when you find your dream house on the internet or attend an auction where the adrenaline is pumping and you’re ready to bid!

The unfortunate reality is that most of us have budgets and unless you have a clear outline of what you can afford, you might find yourself trying to purchase something that’s out of your reach.

That’s why home loan pre-approvals are so important.

Whilst there are plenty of online applications out there offering ‘instant’ results, there’s no guarantee they are accurate and they don’t hold the same authority as conditional approval from a lending institution.

Why not let your broker use their contacts and expertise to secure you an official, fast and low-rate pre-approval, so you can start spending with confidence!

If you have any questions about pre-approval or would like me to start organising yours today, feel free to contact Sid or Rebecca on 02 9742 3553.


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