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Structuring Finance for Investors

We often get a look of shock when we advise investors to borrow the full amount needed for their investments when they have personal debts. "Why not take it from my redraw?", "But I have the cash in my offset, wouldn't it make sense to pay my deposit with that?". A lot of people make this mistake and mix up their tax-deductible debt with their non-tax-deductible debt. This can cost them thousands in lost benefits.

Structuring your finances when you are building wealth through property is key. To maximise your position you ideally need to have a team of experts around you. At a minimum you need a tax advisor, a broker and a property lawyer who can help you structure your finances from day one and explain the risks and benefits to you in detail.

There are many ways to own a property namely in individual names, jointly, in trusts, through super and many more. Each style should be considered for your circumstances as they each have different financing, tax and legal implications.

Get in touch to arrange a structuring workshop with our team. Our accountants, brokers and solicitors would be happy to consult with you on an appropriate structure for your situation.


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