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Eight ways to make your home picture-perfect

A picture tells a thousand words – and that well-known phrase neatly captures the need for every owner to invest in quality photography when the time comes to sell their home.

If you're thinking of selling your home, never underestimate the power of photography.

When folks are scrolling through real estate portals, only the best photography makes them stop and check out a property.

Real estate photography is a specialised skill, rather like wedding photography. A friend who's a good photographer doesn't necessarily mean they have the knowledge and experience to reveal the best aspects of your home. And shooting a few pics with your cell after work really won't cut it.

As a seller, you have to play your part. Not even the best real estate photographer can make a home look a million bucks if it's untidy in bedrooms and living areas, and your home has clutter all over the place.

Below are eight tips to help give your home a touch of visual glamor to attract prospective buyers.

Keep it neat – Your garden should be neat and tidy, as photos of outdoor areas always have a good click rate with buyers. Manicured lawns are unnecessary, but you want your yard to be inviting. Clear it of tools, toys and fallen leaves and sticks.

Bin sins – Hide your bins or move them off-site for the photo session. Move your car down the street so it doesn't become a distraction. Boats, campers, trailers – all need to be in storage and out of sight.

Light it up – Check your outside lights are working. They are essential to achieving a five-star twilight shot.

Stage it – On the patio or in the garden, arrange tables and chairs, and even lay the table with glasses, plates and cutlery to give the impression your home is a true entertainer.

Drone shots – Consider aerial photography but make sure you stay out of the picture. Walking outside to see the drone doing its work will make you a distracting feature in the photograph.

Clutter-buster – Inside, ensure each room is tidy, removing personal items that can distract prospective buyers. Toys away, declutter kitchen benchtops.

It's curtains – Pull back curtains and blinds so the photographer can capture the natural light that flows into your home. Photographers try to avoid using a flashgun where possible.

Cushy number – Make sure your living area is looking its best. Arrange cushions, straighten chairs and consider putting out a tray on your coffee table to cluster objects upon.

Our team are happy to have a chat about selling your home. We work with clients daily who are going through this process and can help you avoid some of the common issues that arise.


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