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Comprehensive Credit Reporting

It now more important than ever to fully disclose all your liabilities and keep all your payments up to date.

All the major lenders now have access to more data about you when you apply for a loan and many of the smaller lenders will be gaining access in the coming months. This is through your credit report and is called Comprehensive Credit Reporting.

Going forward the lenders you apply to will be able to see:

  • The financial institution where the account is held - ANZ, NAB etc.

  • The type of account that is held - Personal Loan, Home Loan, Overdraft or Credit Card

  • Account dates - open and closed (where applicable)

  • Current account liability (for loans, the balance plus redraw amount) or credit limit

  • The account repayment history, including:

  • When payments are made on time

  • When payments are more than 14 days late

If you aren’t sure what is listed on your credit file, you can request a free copy using one the following links:

Experian Australia Credit Services -

Get in touch to find out more about how Comprehensive Credit Reporting may impact you.

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